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Our windows are so similar that a recent customer commented ” The results look excellent and I’m amazed how similar they look to the old ones, but lots better ! “

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We will provide you with maximum energy efficiency and security as we use Planitherm glass which is the most energy efficient on the market

  • I had two sash windows replaced and went for the Accoya option that should ensure the timber will stand the test of time. The rooms retain their heat far better now and I was very pleased with the care taken with decorating

    Alex : Cambridge : January 2019

  • Great service - everything explained very clearly from initial contact to completion. I have a small Victorian terrace with two sash windows at the front. I had the first window replaced 2 years ago and just had the second one replaced both in wood with double glazing, looking the same as the old ones but obviously much better mechanisms and fixings/locks and beautifully painted. The first upstairs window made a big difference to warmth (no draughts!) as I am sure the downstairs window will. Also security will be much improved. The people who came to do the work were friendly but very professional, introducing themselves and answering any questions. I always find it a bit awkward when people are doing stuff to the house but they made it as pleasant as possible. All the carpentry was done outside on the pavement. All in all I would recommend them very highly

    Jean : Cambridge : January 2019

  • Cambridge Classics did a great job giving us new windows and doors. They have been very accommodating of our protracted renovation work. The team are very professional and friendly and have done an excellent job of fitting everything and painting. Very happy with them and would be happy to recommend them and use them again

    Matt : Shelford : January 2019

  • Very pleased with our new Cambridge classics sash windows. Very good service and the workmen were brilliant. They even looked after my wife while she was ill and I was away for work. Most importantly windows look really good and have transformed the front of our house. Our house is noticeably warmer and I am sat here tapping out this review while sat in front of our new front room windows. With the old windows I'd be feeling a strong draught on my neck. Not anymore...! great work Cambridge classics. Thank you

    Paul : Ely : December 2018

  • Very easy people to deal with and the windows have been admired

    Dr Clark : Cambridge : December 2018

  • All of the Cambridge Classics staff who worked on the project were fantastic, professional, friendly, cleaned up after themselves. I am so impressed with the level of service and pride they took in their work- what sets you apart from other companies is the Complete job and making good at the end- Fantastic !

    Polly : Cambridge : December 2018