Sash Window Restoration

Repairing rotten windows, draft proofing and cord renewal

Cambridge Classics offer a full repair and restoration services

Sash Window Rot and Repair:

If your sash windows, frames or sills are suffering from rot we can offer varying techniques to solve these problems. If the extent of the rot is minor we would cut back any rotten timber, treat and then apply a durable, hard-wearing two-part epoxy resin repair care treatment. Where necessary we will splice in timbers using traditional carpentry techniques.


Sash Window Draft Proofing:

Our draft proofing system is a very effective and popular service. By using a brush system, draughts are virtually eliminated whilst the beauty and aesthetics of the sash window remain the same. English Heritage released findings that … Air infiltration can be reduced by as much as 86% by adding draught-proofing .. This results in vast improvements for the energy efficiency of the window. When choosing our draught-proof system, sash cords are renewed and windows are balanced to ensure perfectly weighted windows.


Cord Renewal:

A common problem with sash windows is that cords often break. We can replace the cord with a polyester core to add extra strength. This service comes as standard when choosing to draught proof and overhauling your existing windows.

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