Doors by Cambridge Classics

Using the best materials and craftspeople

Cambridge Classics can replace or refurbish your existing door

We provide interior and exterior doors, French doors, sliding patio doors, stable doors, bi-folding doors – any door that you may require.


Your door/s will be fitted and the interior/exterior decorated on-site leaving you with a complete finished project, so then you don’t need to worry about getting a plasterer or decorator in once we have replaced your window/s.


Our doors are bespoke and handmade by our joiners ensuring you get the perfect fit and finish. We only use Accoya wood which provides you with a 50-year guarantee against wood rot or fungal attack. To find out more about Accoya wood please click here:

Accoya® wood is produced from sustainably sourced, fast-growing wood which has many environmental advantages over slow-growing hardwoods which are often in limited sustainable supply. Accoya® is manufactured using a non-toxic process and adds nothing to the wood that does not already naturally occur in it.


The result: a durable, dimensionally stable, reliable and beautiful solid wood with the performance characteristics of the most durable tropical hardwoods, but offering industry-leading environmental credentials. 


All of our doors will be fitted within frames and interior/exterior decorated on-site giving you the perfect finished project.


You also get to choose your brand-new door furniture to reflect your new door.


Your door/doors can also have a spray paint finish or be hand-painted – whichever option you prefer.

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