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  • Case study

    Our client in central Cambridge rang in for Camilla to visit to quote for new Accoya wood windows at the front of the property and an Accoya wood front door – door frame & fanlight.

    Our client had been gifted a door knocker and asked if we could match all the door furniture to their gifted door knocker ..

    After our client had been sent their quote and given the breathing space and time to consider – they placed an order for all windows to be replaced at the front of the property alongside a new front door.

    This is the ‘BEFORE’ image – taken by our active in house Marketing team.

  • Case study

    This is the ‘AFTER’ image of our clients property.

    Like for like windows and doors replaced to the highest standard – we completed all internal and external decorating – even covering up the internal cracked plaster and best matching the paint or wallpaper within the room.

    Our office team cleverly sourced and matched new door furniture to the gifted door knocker upon our clients request.

    Another happy Cambridge Classics customer !

  • Case study

    Our client rang Cambridge Classics for a quote as they had seen similar projects worked on within their central Cambridge Street – they placed an order for many sash window’s within their property – we have based our case study around their bay window pictured here a ‘Before’ exterior view

  • Case study

    Here is a ‘Before’ interior view picture of the same bay window

  • Case study

    On the start day of the project our Craftsman carefully removed the old bay window – all of our Craftsman are employed by Cambridge Classics – the level of attention to detail is meticulous

  • Case study

    Once the new Cambridge Classics windows had been fitted by our team of Carpenters – they then carry out what is called the 2nd fix – adding all of the architrave – we make your windows like for like – this means we copy every single existing detail of your current items including the architrave that surrounds your window or door as this is important to maintain the look of your period property

  • Case study

    Once our team of Carpenters have completed their side of the project – then we send our team of decorating Craftsman onto site – they will plaster up any cracks that appear on walls (this always happens on any window/door project) and best match the paint or wallpaper within the room. Your windows/door will then be hand painted or you may have requested our Teknos spray-painting that happens before fitting interior and exterior leaving you with a complete finished project

  • Case study

    ‘After’ exterior image of the bay window

  • Case study

    Here is the interior ‘After’ image of the bay window – we even carefully removed the clients radiators to decorate and replaced them after – a complete finished project with happy customers

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