Accoya wood

Why we use this innovative product…

Benefits of using Accoya wood

Accoya® wood is the result of more than 90 years of research and development that brings together a long-established and extensively researched wood modification technique, acetylation. A true innovation in wood. Accoya® is wood which has been modified to enable it to resist rot, defy the elements and stay strong for decades. It is a truly remarkable product and this is why we use Accoya® wood for our doors as standard and within our window frames as an optional upgrade. It offers improved thermal insulation properties and has an enhanced coatings performance, enabling it to last twice as long, saving time, money and hassle.


Environmentally sustainable

To guarantee responsible production only abundantly available wood species – such as Radiata Pine – are used from certified, sustainably managed forests and plantations, including Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified woods. Furthermore, all Accoya® is compliant with the European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR) as well as the Lacey Act. As a non-toxic product, Accoya® can be recycled or handled in the same way as nontreated wood at the end of its life, therefore it fits perfectly with the Cradle to Cradle design philosophy. If you would like more information on this industry-leading product our Sales Executive can discuss the full benefits and advantages when they visit you.

Key features

Accoya wood is produced from sustainably sourced, fast-growing wood and manufactured using Accsys’ proprietary patented modification process from surface to core.

  • Swelling and shrinkage reduced by 75%  
  • Doors and windows open effortlessly year round
  • Class 1 Durability, surpassing even teak
  • Easier to coat  

  • Low thermal gain
  • Ideal for applications where energy conservation is important
  • Easy to machine and process

  • Indigestible to a wide range of insects, including termites
  • No need to add chemical preservatives when cut or planed
  • Process does not compromise the wood’s natural beauty

  • Naturally renewable
  • High strength to weight ratio
  • May be safely reused, recycled and incinerated

Simply the best

As ‘Class 1’ suggests, this is simply the best level of durability possible in wood. Whilst some wood species are naturally durable, natural durability is known to be a variable and inconsistent property.

Accoya wood, on the other hand, is consistently durable. The properties of every batch are analysed by standard scientific measurements after modification, enabling its durability to at least match and even exceed the performance of nature’s most durable species, including teak.

Additionally, durable woods tend to be slower growing species, whereas Accoya is made using fast-growing, sustainably forested radiata pine, so old growth forests are not threatened or depleted to create Accoya.

Longer lasting

Accoya wood’s durability makes it very long lasting, at least:

  • 50 years above ground
  • 25 years in-ground or freshwater contact

Accoya wood forms an effective barrier to insect attack; it is indigestible to microorganisms and insects and therefore more durable to wood-destroying fungi and virtually rot-proof.

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How it ends


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